Chili Beatz is a Los Angeles based band that specializes in Bollywood music. It is the brainchild of an eclectic bunch of individuals, who while engaged in a wide gamut of professions, share a common passion for music and self-expression. This common desire of channeling the group’s collective talent into an energetic force, led to the creation of Chili Beatz in late 2005.

The name Chili Beatz is intended to evoke visions of spicy hot tunes set to tantalizing rhythms, all served in a delectable foot-tapping package that caters to all musical tastes and palates. The group’s members range in age, with the youngest individual still in high school and consists of an unusual mix of physicians, engineers, MBAs, entrepreneurs, accountants and students. The array of explosive talent is evident through the wide variety of musical experiences that each individual brings to the table, spanning classically trained vocalists, percussionists and instrumentalists, all capable of straddling traditional Indian as well as Western music with equal ease.

The group has had the benefit of performing together on an annual fundraiser for charitable causes for the past ten years that not only bonded their common interests in giving back to society but also provided the forum for jointly exploring their musical passions. The overwhelmingly positive response and feedback from the audience led to the group members’ desire to take the show on the road. Over time, the infrequent, annual nature of this experience was one of the primary driving forces in getting Chili Beatz going as a full-fledged band and the group is confident that it can sustain this momentum while building a loyal following for its music across a wide variety of audiences.

Chili Beatz invites you to listen to the live recordings of some of the songs that it has performed in the past, by clicking on "Sample Music".

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